The Essential Reporting Solution for GoldMine Users

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Stonefield Query for GoldMine is quite simply the most powerful, easy-to-use reporting product on the market for your GoldMine data.

Stonefield Query provides a step-by-step method to create professional business reports from information stored in GoldMine. Anyone can create detailed reports, high level overview, drill-down, charts/graphs, pivot tables, and more in minutes rather than hours.

Create detailed reports and know what is happening with prospects and clients. Analyze opportunities/forecasted sales and learn why they closed or were lost. Scan through the history and read the details quickly to determine how to prioritize calls and more.

We Know GoldMine

Stonefield Query knows the GoldMine database structure, and has been delivering industry-leading reporting solutions for years. With three new tiers to fit everyone's budget, it has the following special features:

Sample Reports

Get started immediately with our sample reports! Stonefield Query comes with 60+ sample reports that can be run or used as a starting point for report design, and used with our Basic viewer program in runtime.

Reporting Made Simple

Stonefield Query walks you through the reporting process in 6 easy-to-follow steps so you can build professional reports in minutes, not days.

Displays the Same Fields as GoldMine

All fields (even user-defined fields) appear with the caption you've assigned (global or local label) rather than the field name or "User-Defined 2." Fields are organized into logical groups (matching the tabs that appear in GoldMine) rather than their actual tables.

Handles Data the Way You Expect

Contacts, History, and Details information is displayed as you expect it, rather than in the overloaded tables in which the data is actually stored. For example, sales fields, such as Price and Amount, are displayed correctly as numeric values rather than the character values that are actually stored in the GoldMine database. Doing this in other report writers requires very complex SQL SELECT statements.

Handles Detail Types Properly

Detail types you've customized in GoldMine (such as assigning headings for fields 1 - 12 or creating tabs) appear as separate tables in Stonefield Query, showing only the appropriate information for the detail type rather than all details records.

Handles Sales Records Easily

Although forecasted and completed sales records are stored in the Calendar and History files, respectively, Stonefield Query includes Forecasted Sales and Sales History tables, making it much easier to get at sales records without having to filter Calendar or History on the record type.

Report on Your Favorite Addons

If you use Details Plus, Stonefield Query uses the customized headings and data types you specify, allowing you to properly filter on date values and sum numeric values. Stonefield Query can report on information in QuoteWerks, a quoting system that integrates seamlessly with GoldMine (requires Ultimate).

Handles Contact Addresses the Way You Want

If address information for other contact records is blank, the address information for the main contact is automatically displayed.

Schedule and Automatically Deliver Reports

Automatically deliver reports via e-mail, file, or printer. Schedule them to run anytime you need them to, and never miss a reporting commitment to your peers, customers, or vendors (requires Ultimate).

Charts, Graphs, and Dashboards

Create bar, line, area, and pie charts as well as series charts. Dashboards combine multiple charts into one consolidated view of your data. Zoom in and out on the dashboard, update individual reports manually, and output the dashboard to file.

Microsoft Excel PivotTable Reporting

Extend your data analysis with Microsoft Excel PivotTables.

Create Your Own Custom Formulas

Define your own custom calculations to use in any report. Use any of the hundreds of built-in functions or create your own.

Filters and Exclusions

Filters allow you to narrow down your results without programming, such as product sales by customer for this year, month, or week. Exclusions allow you to report on things not recorded in GoldMine, such as all companies that bought something last year but not this year.

Multiple Database Support

You can run reports on more than one GoldMine database. You can even consolidate records from multiple database into one report (requires Ultimate).


There are two types of licenses available:

Please note:

 Software maintenance is 25% per year and is required with the initial purchase.

 Basic licenses are available by subscription only and require software maintenance to be kept current.

System Requirements

Sample Reports