The following buttons appear in the Home tab:

  • New: creates a new report or new folder. Click the button to display a dropdown list of choices and select the desired choice to create a report or folder.

  • Copy: copies the selected report.

  • Edit: edits the selected report.

  • Delete: deletes the selected report or folder.

  • Preview: previews the selected report on the screen.

  • Data Grid: output the selected report to a data grid window.

  • Print: prints the selected report.

  • Print Setup: displays the Printer dialog, from which you can select the desired printer to send reports to.

  • Find Reports: allows you to find reports using a variety of criteria.

  • Import: allows you to import a report someone else created to your list of reports.

  • Export: this button has two items in its dropdown list:

  • Sample Reports: this button, which only appears if sample reports are available, identifies sample reports that don't appear in the Reports Explorer or have been updated from the ones you have and allows you to select which ones to import.

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