You may find a need for a report that is similar to an existing report. The Copy function allows you to copy an existing report; you may then edit the copy to create the desired report.

To select the Copy function, click the Copy button in the Reports Explorer toolbar, choose Copy from File menu, or choose Copy from the Reports Explorer shortcut menu.

When you select the Copy function, the Copy Report dialog appears, allowing you to enter the name for the copy of the report, the folder it's placed in, and comments for the report. You are not allowed to use the same report name as an existing report. After entering this information and selecting OK, the copy of the report appears in the list in the Reports Explorer.

Note that when you copy a report, the In addition to running the report, users in the selected group may modify or delete this report setting is turned on for any user groups with access to it. That way, a user can copy and edit a report they normally can't edit, which is one of the reasons for copying a report. If you don't want users to edit the copy either, edit the copy and turn this setting off.

This button may not be enabled for all reports.

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