To print the selected report to the selected output destination, click Print (this button appears as Process if you have chosen to output to a file or Send for email). You can click this button any time after you have chosen a report. You can also choose Print from the File menu (if the menu is displayed) or right-click and choose Print from the shortcut menu.

While the report runs, the Reports Explorer and any open report wizards turn dim and a progress window appears. At any point during the report run, you can stop the report by pressing the Esc key or clicking the Cancel button (be patient; if the report is in the middle of retrieving records from the database, it may take a few seconds to stop the report). The progress window displays the following messages:

  • Running report: this message displays as the report layout is being finalized.

  • If there are any ask at runtime filter conditions for the report, a dialog appears asking you to specify the values for those conditions. If you run a batch report, you are asked for all unique conditions for all reports in the batch; that way, you aren't asked more than once for the same value. If you click Cancel in this dialog, the report stops.

  • Selecting records: this message displays while the records to appear in the report are selected from the total set of records in the database. If records with invalid date values are found, Stonefield Query prompts whether you wish to see these records; see the Handling Invalid Dates topic for details. The report does not continue in this case.

  • <n> records selected: this message displays for a few seconds after the records have been selected, indicating the number of records selected. If no records were found that match the specified filter, one of two things happens:

    • If you turned on the Run report with no records option on the Options page, the report continues to run and a blank report is output.

    • If you turned that option off, a message that there are no records displays and the report is not output.

  • Processing records: this message displays while the records selected for the report are processed so they are formatted properly for the report.

  • <n> records processed: this message displays for a few seconds after the records have been processed.

  • Running report; press Esc to cancel...: this message displays while the report pages are output to the printer and a progress meter displays the progress of the output.

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