When you run a report that has any filter conditions with the Ask at runtime option turned on, you are prompted to enter the values for those conditions.

Each condition appears in its own step in the dialog that appears. After entering the value for one condition, you can select the next one by clicking the Next button or select the previous condition by clicking the Back button. You can also jump to a particular condition by selecting it from the drop-down list at the top of the dialog. See the Adding a Condition topic for information on how to enter values and using the Values button.

If you want a condition to be ignored for this run of the report, turn on the Ignore this condition option. This will act as if the filter condition does not exist. This option is only available if the Condition cannot be ignored option was turned off when the filter condition was created.

When you have entered the values for each of the conditions, click OK to continue with the report. The OK button is disabled until you have selected the last condition. If you click Cancel instead, the report will not continue.

When you run a batch report, it prompts you for all unique ask-at-runtime filter conditions for all reports at the start of the run and uses those values for the conditions in all reports. That way, you aren't asked more than once for the same value.

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