Version 8.3

There are several new features in this version.

  • You can now specify additional files to attach to an email in addition to the file for the report.

  • Cross-tab reports now support Highest and Lowest total types for date and datetime fields in the Data area.

  • You can now specify the horizontal orientation—left, right, or center, with center being the default—for a chart included in a quick or cross-tab report.

  • If you add another data source using the Other Data Sources dialog and that data source isn't available (for example, the other data source is a Microsoft Excel document located on someone's local drive), you no longer get an error message and Stonefield Query will still start up.

  • You can now specify that a table added in the Other Data Sources dialog is non-reportable.

  • There are several DataGrid enhancements:

    • The new Options dialog allows you to turn on "zebra stripes" (alternate row coloring) and specify what the alternate color is, display zero as blank, display a "splitter" between the grid and any text box for memo fields, auto-fit the grid to the column widths when the form opens, and select the font and size for the grid.
    • The mouse pointer displays as an up arrow (sort ascending), down arrow (sort descending), or "no" symbol (column cannot be sorted) when it's over a column header.
    • Logical (yes/no) fields now display as check boxes.
  • You can now choose to not display a row field in a cross-tab report by setting its width to 0.

  • The recipient of an emailed report is now logged to the diagnostic file.

  • The tool tip for a field in step 2 or 3 of the report wizards now displays if a dynamic color or style is used for the field.

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