Step 2, in which you select which reports run when the batch report runs, is shown below:

The options in this step are:

  • A list containing all reports that have not already been selected appears at the left. The reports are organized in the same folders they are in the Reports Explorer; click the + sign in front of a folder to expand it and see the list of reports it contains.

  • A list showing the reports included in the batch appears at the right. Reports in this list may be moved up and down to change the order in which they run; to do this, click the button in front of the report to move and drag the button up or down in the list.

  • Add: clicking this button adds the selected report in the available list to the selected list. You can also add the report by double-clicking it in the available list. The report is removed from the available list.

  • Remove: clicking this button removes the selected report from the selected list. You can also remove the report by double-clicking it in the selected list. The report is added to the available list (although you may not see it if the folder the report is from isn't expanded).

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