News announcements about Stonefield Query are published occasionally. If you use an RSS feed reader, you can automatically receive these announcements by subscribing to However, Stonefield Query has its own built-in news reader, making it convenient to receive announcements.

The News dialog automatically appears when you start the program, showing you the latest announcement. If you don't want Stonefield Query to check for news when it starts up, turn off the Check for news items at startup setting in the Options dialog or check the Don't show this dialog again setting at the bottom of the news dialog.

You can also check for news at any time using the News function in the Help menu or Help tab of the ribbon.

The news dialog that appears at startup only shows the latest announcement. The dialog that appears when you choose News from the Help menu or Help tab of the ribbon has more features.

The list at the left of the dialog shows all published news items. Select an item to show the news announcement at the right. You can change the items in the list so only topics you're interested in appear. The choices are:

  • Show all items: shows all news items in the list.

  • Only show items related to: each news announcement falls into one or more categories. To only see items in the categories you're interested in, choose Only show items related to and click the down arrow in the box below. A drop-down list of categories appears. Put checkmarks in front of the categories you're interested in and then click the arrow again to close the list. The items list now shows only those news announcements in those categories.

  • Search for: turn this option on, enter some text to search for in the box below, and press Enter. The items list now shows only those news announcements containing the text you typed.

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