In addition to the other types of linking you can do in Stonefield Query, you can also link a field to a record in GoldMine; clicking the field in the Preview window moves GoldMine to that contact (this obviously requires that GoldMine already be open). The Move Contact in GoldMine sample report shows an example of this. This is very handy for database cleanup, targeted marketing, or other tasks where you use Stonefield Query to create a list of contacts with certain specifications and then want to edit each of those records in GoldMine.

To link a field to a contact in GoldMine, select the field in the Data Selection step of the report wizard, click Properties, and select the Link page in the Properties dialog. Choose Action for the Link Type and choose Find record in GoldMine from the Action to take drop down list. This will automatically add the Account Number field to your report but turn off its Display this field in the report setting since it's not likely you want the contents of that field displayed in the report.

When you preview the report and click that field for a particular record, Stonefield Query will automatically move GoldMine to the selected contact.

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