I'm not getting the results I expect in a report. It looks like some records are missing.

The first thing to check is that you have the correct filter for the report. If the filter is too restrictive, you won't see all the records you expect. The second thing to check is that Stonefield Query is accessing the correct database. The name of the database is shown in the status bar at the bottom of the Reports Explorer. Also, if you have more than one copy of GoldMine, check the GoldMine Program Directory setting in the Options dialog to ensure Stonefield Query is looking at the right copy. Finally, reindex your GoldMine data files using the Maintain Databases function in the GoldMine File menu. Choose the "All Database Files", "Files in GoldMine Directory", and "All Contact Set Files" options.

Filtering a report on a formula doesn't seem to work correctly.

Try turning off the Pad shorter string with spaces when comparing strings (ANSI standard) setting in the Options dialog.

Accented characters do not show up properly in Stonefield Query.

This is an issue with the dBase version of GoldMine because the dBase ODBC driver is sensitive to the language settings of your system, and it is likely set incorrectly. To fix this, do the following:

  • Start the BDE Administrator: Open your Windows Control Panel and double-click the BDE Administrator icon.

  • Select the Configuration page in the BDE Administrator, click the plus sign in front of System to expand it, and then choose Init under System. Select the LANGDRIVER setting and select the proper value for your language from the drop down list. For example, for many European countries, 'WEurope' ANSI is the correct setting.

  • Exit the BDE Administrator.

  • Rehost all databases using this language driver: Open a database, select New Database from the File menu in GoldMine. Specify the new database name in step 1 of the Create Database Wizard. In Step 2, specify the new location for the database and ensure the Copy the data from the current files to the new databases option is selected. Complete the rest of the steps in the wizard. Repeat this for each database.

This will take some time, especially if you have a large GoldMine database, and all network users must be out of GoldMine during this operation.

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