Stonefield Query allows you to report on data from more than one database in the same report. To do that, click the Databases button in the Filter page of the Reports Explorer or the report wizard to display a list of databases to include in this report. If none are selected, the report includes data from the currently selected database only. Turn on the "All" option to automatically select all databases or turn it off to deselect all databases.

Note that every table has a "Source Database" field that contains the name of the database each record came from. Include this field in your report if you want to see which database contained each record.

You must have an Ultimate license or the database button does not appear.

If you run a report with multiple databases and it cannot connect to one or more of the specified databases, the program asks you if you want to continue or may stop running altogether. If the Continue running reports if cannot connect or one report fails setting in the Options dialog is turned on, the report continues to run without asking you.

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